Our Welding Department consists of 10 welding bays equipped with MIG/TIG combination machines to achieve the best possible manual welding results in Mild and Stainless Steel.

5 Spot Welding machines and Stud Welding equipment add to all possible variations of permanent joining procedures.

One of the latest innovations of SPE is the use of Welding Robots. This new step allows us to greatly improve the mass production scheme with controlled technology.

Welding Robot, FANUC ARC MATE 120Ib
  • with Lincoln Electric Power Source ( Power Wave F355i)
  • high motion speeds with great performance and productivity
  • integrated Servo Torch with wrist mounted wire feeder
  • Mild or Stainless Steel applications
  • Dual Table Setup for increased productivity

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Every project we undertake is carefully evaluated to ensure that we are able to deliver the highest-quality finished product as economically as possible.