Fasteners for sheet metal provide deep tapped female threads(ARB’s, Minarb’s, and Self Clinching Stand off’s) or Self Clinching studs for use in conjunction with thin sheet metals.

Once installed, they are permanently attached to the mating material, allowing the associated nut or bolt to be removed in service without the risk of the fastener becoming dislodged. Self-clinching fasteners are easily installed using traditional installation equipment, such as a Haeger Presses. Our factory is complimented by 2 off Haeger 618 Modular Autofeed Systems with 6 tons of ram force and a 457mm throat depth. We tackle the larger jobs with the Haeger 824 Plus with 8 tons of ram force and a 610mm throat depth.

Insertion Machine, HAEGER 618 PLUS
  • 6 ton ram force and 457 throat depth
Insertion Machine, HAEGER 824 PLUS
  • 8 ton ram force and 610 throat depth
  • Insertation Logic Software Operation

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