We are manufacturers of superior quality metal products

S.P.E. (Pty) LTD provides turnkey manufacturing and full fabrication solutions for medium to high volume production runs.

Our services

S.P.E. prides itself on its ability to cater to all metal fabrication requirements, from consultation and drafting to fabrication and finishing services.

Laser cutting machines, coupled with the CNC process, enables S.P.E. to accurately produce highly complex flat form parts, easily and repeatedly with an exceptional level of precision.

S.P.E.’s punching offers flexible manufacturing runs without the need for high capital expenditure dies and stamping presses. High volumes are not required to justify the use of this equipment due to the modular nature of the tooling employed.

S.P.E’s substantial tooling capabilities and a 220-ton press enable S.P.E. to bend stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium in almost every combination requested by plastically deforming the material to change its shape.

S.P.E’s jobbing shop is fitted with a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art machinery enabling it to undertake complex medium to high volume fabrication projects from conception to completion.

How does it work?

At S.P.E we’re passionate about delivering high-quality projects within budget and on deadline, which is why we’ve implemented industry-leading processes to meet all of your steel fabrication requirements..

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At S.P.E we’re committed to fabricating high-quality products with a superior finish at the best possible price, that’s why our industry expertise is available on each and every medium to high volume project - ensuring that you receive expert, no-nonsense advice to achieve finished products Which meet your every expectation. .


S.P.E. takes pride in ensuring that all projects are executed to perfection. During preparation, we make sure that the materials and designs needed to complete your project achieve the highest cost to value ratio possible.

Full Fabrication

S.P.E uses state-of-the-art fabrication machinery that enables the company to manufacture world-class sheet metal products from start to finish. Our fully-automated fabrication plant features the full range of Amada laser cutters, punching and bending machines, as well as powder coating and electroplating stations enabling us to meet all of your fabrication requirements.

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Every project we undertake is carefully evaluated to ensure that we are able to deliver the highest-quality finished product as economically as possible.